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Here is a list of all the cheats that I know of for The Sims 2, and what they do, but first, to bring up the cheat bar, press Ctrl + Shift + C all at the same time!

motherlode- adds $50,000 to the family
katching- adds $1,000 to family
help- lists all cheats
moveobjects on/off- move any object anywheres
expand- expands the cheat bar
exit- exits the cheat bar
boolprop constrainFloorElevation (true/false)- allows you to raise the ground with anything on it. Must be false to use!
boolprop snapObjectstoGrid (true/fase)- allows you to move objects anywheres, not on the grid. can’t not rotate objects any angel. Must be false to use
Autopatch (on/off)- toggles notification of available game patches
aging (on/off)- sims won’t age if off
Vsync (on/off)- turning off will increase game performance but with graphical errors as a price

Neighborhood cheats:
deleteAllCharacters- at neighborhood view only, removes every single Sim from the neighborhood. Don’t use unless you have a good reason to!
TerrainType (desert/temperate)- only in neighborhood view, changes the terrain type between the two
Filmmaking Cheats:
Slowmotion (0-8): normal speed: 0, slowest: 8
boolProp enablePostProcessing (true/false): must be true for all filmic cheats to function
Bloom (r g b x): Computer’s video card must be able to handle pixle shaders. Creates a filmic look in which everything blurs together. aka sitcom flashback; r, g, b: color values (0-255); x amount of blooming from 0-255
vignette (centext centery X): see above about system and video cars; filmic look in which a focal point is clear but everything else is blurry
filmgrain (0-1)- see above about computers/video cards- creates a film grainess
letterbox (0.0-0.4)- see abouve about computer/video cards- creates a letterbox view of size specified
the last cheats must use the boolProp enableProcessing true

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